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Lgi Homes
We gave all our Specifics

So we gave all our specifics about the house we were looking to build and our price range $900-$1100 a month. Then Mr. Justin ask us to fill out a credit check app, which we did and then he came back and said that we do not qualify. Then he asked if I had another person that would co sign and I called my mom and she did and ...

Lgi Homes
Worst purchase for a 1st time homebuyer

I should have went with my first gut instinct when I mentioned hiring a home inspector and they convinced me not to. Something told me to not use them, but considering the short amount of time I had to move, plus having a baby on the way I jumped into it and hoped for the best. I have only lived in my home for a month and every ...

Lgi Homes
Different opinion

I have just bought an LGI home and wanted to give a different view on everything, everyone on here makes them out to be crooks. For starters it's a home building company not your buddy. They are there to make a profit not just talk and show homes all day. They are no worse than car salesman. A credit check is a good way for ...

Lgi Homes
Predatory housing market 2.0

Over the past month or so, I have been receiving brochures in the mail regarding a few subdivisions that are under construction in Charlotte, NC. The illustrations/floor plans look great. 2 car garages, appliance package, no down payment. However, red flag #1 for me was the fact that the purchase price of the homes are not ...