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Lgi Homes
Do not buy track houses no no no no no no no

WILL, we still have mole, and it getting worst, have found out that other has it too, it noT good for you health but then LGI doesn't care, buT they will, just found out they used China sheet rock it there houses, now sound odd but it means the have to either buy back, are they have rebuild the whole house and we are not the ...

Lgi Homes
A salesman commission and your trapped

This person is an because clearly she or he fails to understand that it isn't about the research it is about the quality of approach a salesman gives to a buyer and how important the salesman treats you as a first time buyer and calm they have you feel giving this company your personal information. To be insulted is majority ...

Lgi Homes
Review from Arlington, Texas

LGI is a sales scam. They use predatory finance tactics, I told them what my price range was before I even went and they told me they had options for that range. I went and they show you all these "ratings" and "statistics" and what not to try and suck you into their sales game they then take you into a home way out of your ...

Lgi Homes

We are a retired couple and have purchased several homes over the years. Have you noticed this company does not list their prices? In fact, they don´t list the sq ft either. There is a reason for this. For the FIRST TIME HOME BUYER, they use an old used car salesman trick. HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO SPEND or WHAT MONTHLY PAYMENT ...