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Lgi Homes
Junk house, junk house, junk houses

Ought in 2010, now hose is coming a part at the junk, mold has taken over the hose, now mole on wall, please if you read this, the all of them, you will not buy frown lgi they are a company trying to get you money and move on, our house is coming down around our ears, but the worst part the house can make you sick from the ...

Lgi Homes
Waist of time

I went to an appointment with LGI HOMES. I waited a short while before anyone came to talk to me. The person I had the appointment with was busy, so they gave me to someone else. I was in he office a total of 2 hours and I never got to see even a floor plan of the house he was trying to sell me. They ran my credit report () ...

Lgi Homes
Review about Faulty Home Construction

We bought lgi as well in feb 2014 and like several neighbors we still have problems not fixed; carpet not tacked down in corners, had shower replaced and found no insulation as well then a water leak that never would have been found since it was behind the wall. Sheetrock seams show everywhere. The tile grout was distinct ...

Lgi Homes
Don't even go there!

They really are some good liars. They are dishonest pushy and down right bad for society. I almost bought a home in one of their new communities. They house looked fine but the community itself left a lot to be desired. People parking all over the streets, no one using their garages to park their cars in, so it looked like an ...