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Lgi Homes
Total Disappointment

My girlfriend and I recently visited LGI Homes in Brooksville, Florida. Be very aware dealing wit these folks. This was the first home builder we visited; at first I was impressed. They did an hour long show on the company and six core values they operate based on. I must say that the core values is B. S. As they do not want ...

Lgi Homes
Lied to about my $500

I was also lied to by lgi home consultant in dallas texas. I put down $500.00 as escrow money and when they could not help me they are now telling me my money is non-refundable. Through the entire process i was told my money would be refunded if i did not qualify. I have filed a complaint with the bbb. These people provide ...

Lgi Homes
Just bought a home, had a great experience!

I wanted to post because I had the total opposite experience then what people are posting here. We are closing on the 30th of June and it has been nothing short of awesome. Loan application took an hour tops, granted we got them all the paperwork they needed but it was a breeze and Billy took the time to explain everything ...