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Joann Fabric
Deceptive Coupons

After my coupon was denied in store, the manager called me at home and told me it was a mistake not to accept it. Next visit it was denied again. I called customer support after researching information from JoAnn's website since it was stated online that the item was not excluded from their coupon use. Customer rep told me ...

Joann Fabric
Problem at the LebanonStore

Yes today my husband and I went to JO ANN fabric store to try and find a item. Went to one of the ladies that work there and I was not impressed with her attitude she was not helpful at all I ask her to measure something and u would think I ask her to give it to me free. This is not the first time I had problems there and now ...

Joann Fabric
To be honest

All the reviews on this site are pretty accurate. To be honest though alot of the customers have no idea what the employees deal with every day. As an ex employee I felt that the customers were always right until one day when I had a confrentation with my boss. He told me that either I quit or I could do something to a ...