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My dog also got kennel cough from petco

I took my dog to Petco for his first grooming and ten days later I had to take him to the vet hospital for uncontrolled choking and hacking cough. Sure enough it was kennel cough. My dog is a house dog and I don't walk him outside because there are too many dogs in my area. There is absolutely no way he could have caught it ...

Review about Lizard from Amarillo, Texas

I had just walked in to browse some of the lizards, upon looking at them as well as the crabs and snakes, I was truly disgusted. The habitats in which they were kept were filthy and these reptiles and the crab were not moving, they looked sick, depressed and lonely. This is abuse to these creatures. If you're going to buy ...

Petco grooming - terrible

First time getting my poodle groomed here. I was so excited for her haircut. She was all hairy. They took four hours to groom her. When i came for her my dog came running to me and was crying. I barely recognized her. I was so upset. She was literally naked. I asked what happened and they kept saying she was all matted but ...

2 dogs……4 hours……only one dog groomed

Petco had 3 groomers and one manager Appt. At 10:30 AM when I arrived to pick up the dogs at 2:30 (after calling them at 1:30) only one dog was groomed. They explained the Phone had been busy so they just couldn't get the dogs both groomed. Apparenlt making new appointments was far more important to Petco than servicing the ...