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Excellent Experience at Kernersville Petco

Every time I patronize Kernersville Petco, I have an extremely positive experience. The staff are always polite, friendly and helpful and I enjoy every visit to this clean, attractive and well-stocked store. The store manager, Gary is always friendly and genuinely interested in making sure I have a good experience in his store. ...

Petco adoption

Went to Petco adoption in Weber Texas with my adult son. We had a dog picked out from the website. We had waited 3 years until we had the time to work with a pet before looking. We went to Petco waited 2 hours for the dog to come in. Filled out all the paper work another hour. Met with the foster parents of the dog. Told them ...

Rude groomer angry dog.

My mini schnauzer was due for a haircut. We took him to his appointment and was greeted with oh my god he doesn't even look like a schnauzer... Well I will admit he was due he looked scruffy but surely not unrecognizable to his breed. She then proceeded to complain about how matted he was as if we neglect him. I felt like ...