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Petco Grooming

Took our Cocker spaniel to be groomed at Petco in Mid Rivers Missouri. Ticket said 11 bucks for the shave and 40 for the cocker cut and brush. WHAT BRUSH. The dog was shaved down to the skin on her entire body. They obviously had no clue as to what a cocker cut was. Her legs were shaved down to the skin also. She resembled a ...

Stay away from Petco Grooming

I took my poodle mix to get groomed at Petco in porter ranch. When I left him they told me that he was very matted and that they had to cut his hair very short. I though that sounded reasonable but what they didn't tell me was that it was going to be very painful for him. When I went to pick up Fluffy I noticed that his skin ...

Petco Complaint

Dog Grooming Salon-Full Service Bath (Tsu) on 2-3-08. Had 11Am app't, arrived on time, told to come back in 3 hours. Arrived at 2Pm, dog ready. Asked receptionist about bathing process and she stated "we wash it and put it in a cage to dry". Was shocked at this statement. Left immediately. Confusion about which leash and ...