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Store 1132, Avondale, AZ

There are so many things wrong with the managers in this store, I don't even know where to begin. I will begin with the general manager, Driss. He has run this store to the ground. He has taken store moral and trampled it on the ground. Examples: He tried to ban a customer from grooming who had dementia. She could not ...

Worst grooming experience ever!

I took my two Siberian Huskies in to get full-service grooming. When I picked them up, everything seemed ok. I got my boys home, and noticed that my older boy was covered in / puncture marks. He would not let my husband or I even touch him. I'm not sure what exactly happened while he was in the back, but there was clearly a ...

Grooming - one style does not fit all

Took out mini aussie in and was assured the groomer had experience with this breed. Got her back and she was cut like a full size poodle with her hair the same length all over. This is contrary tour breeder and other breeders we have talked to and reviewed online. Sahe looks nothing like a mini aussie and we were told to keep ...