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Time Warner Cable
Digital Adapters going out

I had very few problems with my cable, the last 20 year. Then TWC changed to the digital adapters and I have had problems every day. The cable goes out a least 5 times a day and I have to reboot the adapters. At anytime during the day or night I will have at least three channels out if not all. I just got off of the phone with ...

Time Warner Cable

This is the second time I had to do an appointment with TWC. The first technician didn't really know what to do so I had to call again. Yesterday I had another appointment and the technician never showed up. Today I called to see what was wrong they ask me if I was home I said yes, I asked why and they said because the ...

Time Warner Cable

I was alittle behind, called to make arrangements, was told to pay one month and my cable would stay on, leaving that month due. Well, low and behold, i paid the 170.00 just to be shut off the next day, and was told another bill hit, I am sick of this, I paid 425.00 last month, just to get hit with charges of 126.00 on top of ...

Time Warner Cable
No justice

Since October I have had approx 5 DVRs. I'm constantly call two because every time they push out an update I was told that my line is not receiving it. Just this week I got another DVR and had an issue the next day the nice tech stayed inherent phone with me and tried her best to resolve the problem. Didnt work so made an ...