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Element Electronics
Poor reception

I was only able to pick up local channels its says it's a high definition that is not true. I had to call customer service several times. And still no help. I don't suggest that any one get this name brand. I have two of these Tv's and they both are of poor quality. When you call them to gets assistance they tell you that the ...

Element Electronics
Blue screen

This is a piece of junk... Says run auto scan. Have done it 3 times. Do not buy. Customer service is not much help. TV not even a year old. You'll never get good results or your money back. There should be a class action on this product. To put a complaint in they want a 100 words. They have to be kidding when only one word ...

Element Electronics
Review about Element 60-Inch Hdtv

My boyfriend Bought me the 60inch element HD Tv this Feb 14 2015 for a Valentine's gift and it now has a bright long straight green line going from the top to the bottom in the middle of the screen. He did not buy the intended warranty so now I'm stuck with this screwed up tv. When we first got it u could turn it on and only ...