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Panasonic TV, Don't Buy

We bought two panasonic plasma television (42 & 58 inch) sets and one went out (main board) after 14 months and costs over$300 to fix. The second one has gone out (main board) after 26 months and costs $600 to fix. This is unacceptable yet they get away with it. I would just like to warn people about the quality of Panasonic ...

Other Company
Ordered a laptop

I ordered a laptop on dec. 26,2012 and they said it would be in Jan. 2,2013 but actually jan. 3 because of holiday. I got a email it would be delayed and i tried customer service and got a machine. No computer and can't talk to a human being. Very BAD SERVICE. Why can't they just say your order might be delayed in the first ...

Cymax Stores
Cymax sucks

You can order and pay for furniture, chairs, etc from Cymax stores, BUT if you assemble the product to see if it is of quality, a working product, don't even think about returning it because they can't resale it. This is their actual reasoning. Why would you sale quality and want to resale it? Then call their customer service ...

Poor customer service

I had internet installed and the technician ran a cable from the street up to my house. He left the cable laying on the lawn. I called Comcast to request someone come out to bury the cable. It was scheduled for today. I received a call from Comcast to confirm the schedule, but nobody came. I spend an hour on the phone with ...