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Free Sky Soft
Ripoff Internet Fraud, Visa Debit Fraud, Warwickshire *EDitor's Suggestions on how to get your money back into your bank account!

Company charge my visa debit card fraudulently for an amount ($9.50) less than what the banks investigate ($10.00). Bank writes it off as loss prevention, as it would cost more to investigate a claim (especially outside the US). They make themselves look legit by dummying up a website where, guess what, everything is an ...

Avon Books Publishers
Peter Scaramanga - Robin Saikia took my 1,300 pounds payment for a book to be published. Money cashed. Contract signed. No Book. No answer to phone calls or faxes. Ripoff

I signed a publishing contract with Avon Books situated at 1, Dovedale Studios, 465, Battersea Park Road, London Sw11,4LR, depositing the sum of 1,300 pounds (U. K.) After a reasonable period of delay I did not hear from the editors, Peter Scaramanga, & Robin Saikia. When I telephoned the number there was never any answer, and ...

Glenn Manterfield Simon Hollingshead
Glenn Manterfield, Simon Hollingshead con artists extradordinaire. Glenn Manterfield and Simon Hollingshead stole from me and my clients 400,000 dollars

Glenn Manterfield and Simon Hollingshead ran a currency trading firm called Sigma Forex / HFB trust. The company was registered in Ireland. But both of them have since fled in the middle of night. They have ripped off everyone they knew. Artists, art transport companies, banks, credit card companies, and landlords. Laura Tel ...

Okkert Van Der Berg
Okkert, Van Der Berg at finda Ripoff screwed over promised us work took us from our mother country United kingdom

We went to agents to help us with work and accomodation in London. They worked independently with this individual in London who owns houses and also helps with job opportunities. As well as paying the agents for our visas and job placements, we also paid the individual in London placement fees. When we arrived we were taken to ...

Gabriele Manti

I buy a car from the website's dealer. The person require me to send deposit and insurance total $6000.00, when he picked up the money, he disappeard. Their website still here, I wish warning other people never be fraud by he again. Bing Vancouver, British Columbia Canada ...

Universal Trust Finance Limited - Barclays Bank - Freelotto - Global Prospects Limited
Scam, Anti-terroist and Drug Certificate does not exist dont send money to Dr. Looney, ripoff

People do not send money, i contacted my bank and the International wire tranfer Cordinator explained it is a scam and the anti-terrorist and drug certificate does not exist. Now this is the freelotto company the scam had me to, until the charge came... Lol. Anyway they will send you a bank transfer statement and email saying ...