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Minis Guest List
A-list Spam Scam Ripoff

A Private Social Club in London was approached by a Mr. Minesh Vohra of Mini's Guest List who claimed to be able to provide "A-list" guests for a party in March 2005, as he purported to have a contact subscriber A-list of over 11,680 active "jet-set" party and night club consumers. The price for a mail shot ...

IS Trading / IS Enterprise
Ripoff DON'T DO IT!

In 2002 I saw an advert for IS Trading in a small shop in Exeter, and I sent off for details. They bombarded me with letters telling me about the company; the 30 start up fee, how I was guaranteed steady work, good money and the refund of the 30. It seemed legitimate at the time, and stupidly I didnt bother to check with this ...

DVD Wizard Pro
Software ripoff Scam

In Short. DVD Wizard Pro is a Rip off and a Scam.information with in the DVD Wizard Pro web site states that you are getting DVD burining software and a E-Book (aka a web page viewer and some FAQ's on how to burn a DVD) The Price looks good for what the software 'can do'. Burn dvd vcd cd. As a bonus you get the Game Copy Pro! ...

The French Cuisiniers Ltd
French Cuisiniersthe French Cuisiniers Ltd ripoff The French Cuisiniers LTD about to change their company name

This Company aproached me to do business with them over one year ago. Chic the china man Came across as a very friendly person. He wanted help in producing some products wich he sayd were not profitable for his company to make. We agreed on terms and started to supply his company with food stuff for him to sell on to his ...