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Stemologica a cheating company

Hi, I have been cheated by Stemologica as well after finishing a boots online survey. It said that I was eligible to have free trial and only need to pay the shipping cost of 3,95 GBP. I received the products, not samples! In a couple of days and I tried one of them. After about 1 month, I noticed that nearly 200 GBP were ...

Bio Nutra

I ordered 1 of each - £5 each... Got the product. NUTRA then tried to take £87.00 and CAMBOGIA £ 89.95. Fortunately HSBC intercepted the transactions as potentially frudulent. THANK GOODNESS! Still a pain as i have to cancel my card. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I should have known better... I found this company on Facebook... ...

Advanced Hair Studio
Laser Treatment is a SCAM

Scam!!! Be Warned. Avoid at all costs! I was guaranteed fuller looking hair with Laser treatment by two different members of their staff. 6 months later and have less hair than I had when I started the treatment. Told that as I am no longer a paying client, there is nothing they will do for me. Terrible customer service, ...