State / region: Georgia
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Breyer Butter Pecan had rancid, stale pecans

Returned the carton of Butter Pecan for a refund at Kroger located in Lake City, Ga. Customer rep did not know what Rancid meant. I told her to take a spoon and taste the pecans. Glad I did not swallow the pecans. Might have turned into another peanut butter issue. I will not buy another carton of Breyer Ice Crem, not even my ...

Bunch of liars and crooks

Said all along that I would pay for three months and the insurance would cover everything and I would probably never be charged. After 2 months of calling and holding for 2 hours the story has changed big time and I am being billed every month. Now they claim 10 months and the first night we got it delivered at 11pm after them ...