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Larson Doors
Purchase Parts or New Doo

WORSE customer experience in my life. Do not buy from this company... You will regret it. The business model is to make sure no one from the company talks to a order to speak to someone... To buy something... You have to schedule an appointment. This took two days... For their SALES people to call me. So i could ...

Castle Payday
Really Poor Customer Service

Go 2 texts and several emails and when I contacted them they were very very very hard to understand. I would have taken the loan but I could not understand what the girl (sounded 12 years old) was saying and after so 4 requests in 10 minutes to contact the I was put on hold for 5 minutes!!! I had to scream into the phone to be ...

Fedex billed the wrong person

I sent an envelope from a person to another person and marked on the FEDEX Express paper at section "payment bill to " RECIPIENT and required a signature at delivery. They took the signature from the delivery but FAILED TO COLLECT THE MONEY at delivery point but TOOK THE MONEY FOR THEIR SERVICE FROM A BUSINESS ACCOUNT INSTEAD ...