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Pocket Hose
Junk within 2 weeks! Hose leaks.

We purchased 2 of these hoses from Walgreens. Both developed holes within 2 weeks. They started leaking right in the middle of the hose!!! One hole is so big, there was no water pressure whatsoever. The rubber plastic in the inside is sooooo thin, yours WILL break / leak too. What a huge waste of money! The company website ...

Only got frozen food

I paid 299.00 it was only frozen food never got my dry food why. Are you trying to rip me off this is the second shipment I received and I will not keep paying for product that I didn't get I can never get a hold of any one to resolve this issue im very disappointed and the weight loss has been extremely slow to only lose 3 ...

Ge Appliances
This not an american co

This is run by a commie and obozos right hand man this co sucks in so many ways junk parts all this is put together by 10 year olds VERY DISAPOINTED - In GE for selling this lousy product, in Consumer Reports for listing it as a 'Best Buy' and in myself for not returning in the first time it broke down. 6 months in owning it ...

Wood Flooring Rip Off!

Do not buy any flooring products from! We feel that were quite "ripped off" by purchasing a fairly significant quantity of wooden flooring products from No matter what you read on their website (like all their glowing satisfied customer reports, which seems to be a bit of overblown BS! Way too many to ...

Clear Internet
Clear internet is so horrible

I have been going back and fourth with this company about getting the service that I currently pay for. I signed up a couple of years ago and was promised at least 3 megabytes of download speed and they only provided me less that 500 kbps (dial up). I explained time after time on how I was not getting any signal and they even ...

U-verse issues

Our family has been with AT&T for years and we have had AT&T U-Verse for quite a while but it has major issues now, i am disappointed that it keeps getting updated, and it freezes a lot. It sucks to have it freeze it a lot. One day, a employee came to fix it and put something to make it work and after it was fine then started ...