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Never go with Vonage, they are cheaters.

I signed up for vonage online in Dec 2012 and was promised a 100 dollar gift card within 60 days. I have been following since that day and these guys are giving me false deadline on each call, they never transfer my call to the concerned people. I am really pissed of and agonized. They have3 literally conned on ...

Rip off

The worst possible company. The worst customer service ever. Would never RECOMMEND these guys to anyone. Stay away from them!!! Thieves and liars with very bad attitude of ppl working for them. This being said from customer they lost 5 yrs later. They milk your money slowly. First they overcharged me few times, for msgs i sent ...

Uhaul lied to me over and ove

This location is pathetic. They lied to me over and over again. You can close this location to improve it. I reserved a 26ft truck online weeks before the move for a 24 hour period. The location was changed from one location to: 19251 W Washington St Grayslake, IL 60030 It was not a big deal at the time because it was only ...

Allstate Insurance
2006 f-150 ford truck

Ody damage all fixed but the exhaust system was broken due to running over a deer and they say the oxygen sensors are faulty now. Truck runs real bad and is a real BAD SAFTY HAZZARD and all they tell me is they arent fixing that truck could stall at any time and could cause a serious accident doug grahm from the freeport ...