State / region: Illinois
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U-Haul and U-Box: Terrible Service

I originally set up a reservation on June 3,2013 for 3 U-Boxes to be packed around 6/15/2013 and delivered to Illinois from South Carolina by 7/1/2013. I finalized my packing date for 6/19/2013 and wanted the boxes in Illinois by 7/1/2013 to further set a specific delivery date and time. After I packed my boxes, my original ...

La Fitness
Locker broken into and wallet stolen

My locked locker was broken into and my wallet stolen. When I went to the desk to report the theft the teen girl behind the counter said she "didn't understand how that can happen" and suggested that I must have given out my combination to someone. Or just forgot what locker I used. Her whole attitude was that I must have lost ...

Home Shopping Network
Method of payment

I have and have had an HSN card for a very long time. When placing an order on the automated system, HSN arbitrarily and automatically uses the LAST CARD USED for purchase WITHOUT ASKING IF THE CUSTOMER WANTS TO USE THE HSN CARD!!! What's the sense of having an HSN card when the company uses the last credit card that was used ...

BeachBody stole my money!

About two weeks ago, I saw the ads of BeachBody on TV, and visited their websites, and entered the information of my address and credit card, however, a second thought told me shouldn't purchase directly from them, so I closed the webpage before I "confirm the order" and made a purchase on Amazon. Today, I just got a package ...