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Sad Subway

I have attempted on more than one occasion to get a salad at subway. I remember being able to get a delicious, crispy salad from them a few years ago. Unfortunately, Subway now has a different idea. The new way is to have it "chopped". This means taking the chopped meat and vegetables, pouring them into a bowl, and chopping ...

Sears Home Services
No Service & No Refund

Called Sears to fix a clothes dryer. Given a time from 10:00 to 2:00 pm. The repairman shows at 2:30. He looks at the dryer for 10 minutes without moving it away from the wall and says there is nothing wrong with it. Charges $97 for a service call and says to clean the vent hose. After he leaves I blow out the vent hose and ...

Resistance band and shakeology not included!

I bought the 21 day fix extreme, and was really excited to get started to lose all this baby fat. On a few of the workouts, they require a resistance band. They failed to mention I needed one! If you are not going to inlcude something that the workout requires, then make it extremely clear I need to purchase one separately! ...

Autobidmaster - Registration SCAM!

I signed up for their 30 FREE TRIAL and as it turns out its not a free trial at all. They take a $150 fee and you don't get that back under any circumstances. The reason I signed up was because they said they are the organization that allows you to bid exclusively for COPART. Well once I found out that this is NOT true, that I ...