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Tradesy Knowingly Sold Fake Item

I received a luxury bag as a gift - or so I thought. Because I had no need for this luxury item, I decided to sell it on Tradesy. It got sold right away and I immediately shipped to the buyer. I soon learned that the buyer requested a return due to question of authenticity. But then the next day buyer told me that Tradesy ...

Poor Connection Speed and Customer Service

I have two complaints... The first is the slow connection. Not much can be done about that. It is what is... The second is the inability to contact them to make changes to the service. I need to disconnect the service as I am moving out of state, but I cannot get in touch with anyone. I have called... Been on hold for twenty ...

Money Network
What a joke!

Money network is a complete joke. You cannot cancel your account for any reason - they won't 'allow' it. Haven't worked for the employer that issued it for 3 years, haven't had a balance on it for almost 4 but I can't close it until I've had no activity for 6 months... Hmmm 3 and a half years is more than 6 months but I can't ...