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I need help with my account

I cannot get into my account because it is screwed up and there is no IT department to help me. How can you have people paying on line and no one to help me open my account. I have never been able to get into it because it has never worked right and there is no customer service people that can help me. I an very upset with ...

Customer Support Rip Off

Got a popup from QB after installing a tax update. Called QB support, they ran a program that they claimed could only be run once and determined that the QB database was 78% corrupted and we would need to get it fixed before there was any more damage. They would fix it for only $300.00 After doing some research we called them ...

They did not Torque one of my wheels.

I purchased a set of All terrain tires for my 1998 Chevy Suburban at the Pyramid Highway Costco in Reno NV. Before even getting to the Highway a wheel weights fell off. The manager had the crew redo all the wheel retaliation for catching their bad work they did not torque the lug nuts on the front right wheel. ...