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Wesley Berry Flowers
Screwed up my orde

My order was supposed to be two, but you over charged me on one Nd never sent the other order. I tried calling and waiting for a long time finally got someone... Then was told a Custer representative would call me back. No call of course. This is so sad. Why would I want to spend a hundred dollars for flowers on top of all the ...

Freedom Mortgage
Consumer Beware!

Extremely rude account manager that i had to deal with after my loan was sold to another servicing bank. 2 months after starting to make payments to the new bank, who already had my information in their system, Freedom mortgage reported me to the credit bureaus that my loan was in default. What! It took them over 2 months for ...

Casablanca Express
Sucessful Las Vegas Trip

We got to the property at The Plaza @ Las Vegas. The trips, the "freebies", and everything discussed occurred as planned. Whatever location is decided upon, know as much about the property you are going to. We knew about The Plaza located right at Fremont. Knew the good, the bad and ugly from information at ...