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United Van Lines
Don't Use United Van Lines

I just moved from Florida to New York and decided to use a moving company. I decide using a big name moving company would be the most reliable. IT WAS NOT. I chose to have my boxes and furniture placed in a crate of its own at the recommendation of the company to ensure all items would arrive at the same time. Once the crate ...

Optimum Online
I keep being overcharged.

I made my payments in full before the due date. The automatic payments (which I canceled) came out of my account, overdrawing my account twice. After my bill was paid in full, I received a letter stating I was paid in full and not to worry. I woke up with my service disconnected due to non-payment. Again, my bill was paid in ...

Nicholas Jewelers
Utica, NY - Stay away!

Owner is cocky and a total sleaze. He acts like a total know it all. Jewelry there is ok but nothing special. Selection doesn't vary much and have seen the same old tired pieces that haven't sold for the past 5 years or so. Also advertises on his personal site that he does repairs on premises which is not true. Purchased a ...

So hard to cancel

Busy lines, was on hold for 15 minutes and gave up. There's no option to cancel online. I was happy with it up until that point. It's bad service for an online company. I have to enter 100 words so I'm going to copy this. I have to enter 100 words so I'm going to copy this. I have to enter 100 words so I'm going to copy ...