State / region: Oregon
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Vesta Go phone
Fraudulent Charges

3 charges over about as many days that are fraudulent. When I called their phone number it was an automated system that didn't even give a company name, so I knew it was fraud. Seemed like it was for pre-paid phones. This company is NOT T-Mobile. I have their service and for over a decade now have had no problems with them. ...

Steakhouse Steaks
Poor quality steaks sold door to doo

Two guys rang our doorbell, ignoring the clearly posted "No Solicitors" sign. They claimed they had a truck with meat packages that were meant for a neighbor who wasn't home or the order was in error. They said I could buy the shipment at half price. Okay, I was a sucker, but they said their steaks were high quality like Omaha ...

Save your money and rent a car or fly!

They think it is perfectly acceptable to be late, and leave a 16 year old on his own for 11 hours. That was just the trip there! Never even bother calling the customer service line, they can do nothing for you, only the terminal and/or the bus driver can make decisions. IF you can get a hold of the terminal, since they do not ...