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Auto loan intrest rate screw up

I am one unhappy person. I have been with usaa on my own for 4 years now about and was with them on my parents accounts when i was younger. Last week i called to get an auto loan to buy a used car. I asked for 10000 i had my father cosign for me. I got approved and my interest rate was going to be 4.50%. So i then found a car ...

Home Depot
Return policy

I have been using bend home depot for my electrical service for seven years now found prices better then my wholseller one day i wanted to return some lights owner had changed his mind happens all the time in my bisness manger wouldnot return or give me store credet have reciep due to store creadet on reciep? So next thing they ...

Computer was slow and had errors

I have had guruaid for 3 years and again they have fixed both of my computers. It is nice just to be able to call and get it fixed. Always very nice. I don't always know what is wrong but they are really good about talking me through it, asking the right questions. Telling me as they go through my computer what they are doing ...