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Silverleaf Resorts
Only a pass for resort?

Uyer here; I just realized they are not putting me in the silverleaf but yet the crowne plaza stoner sales guy is a liar. I will be calling tomorrow how would you want me to tour for 90 minutes and not allow me to stay there? Yes it was a 100 dollars im not going to travel 22 minutes out of my way for something that seemed so ...

20 Year Warranty= I don't think so

$2000 Mattress - Had it 3 years and have to climb out of the hole in it every morning. How is it possible to have kids and animals and not get a stain on anything. What does a stain have to do with the indents on my bed? My wife's water broke. I rushed her to the hospital and had a baby boy on Jan 6th. She ruined the mattress ...