State / region: South Australia
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Money taken without my permission

I rang this company on the 7th of Jan when I received a package of skincare from you that I had NOT requested. I rang the company twice about this. I asked to be removed from the mailing list & that they were NOT to remove any money from my bank account. I was told that this would be done & the second occasion which was the ...

Peak Life
Un warranted shipping

Product was sent to me without my authorisation after I had ordered a 'FREE' sample of Somnapure requiring my credit card for shipping costs. This Company engages in immoral corporate behaviour and practices. Bottom line, the product isn't that good and makes more claims than results!!! There are better natural products ...

Man and Ute
Incredibly rude and unprofessional

Rang Allen in Adelaide to arrange a time to collect some boxes and he was unbelievably rude from the moment he answered the phone, refused to listen and talked over the top of me to tell me that "he doesn't do business on the phone" and I was to email him and then hung up without even giving me his email address!!! No problems ...