State / region: South Australia
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Charged duplicate amounts

I had lost my desktop and was unable to access anything except via task manager. I contacted a 1800 number for Windows Help. 2 hours and $300 dollars later the tech advised me to buy a windows 8 disk and install it. When quizzed why he had just charged me $300 dollars for nothing, he quickly stated "this is a Hewlett Packard ...

Review from Adelaide, South Australia

Bought a TF600T Asus Tablet PC in Sep 2013 - within months had issues of keyboard not being recognized alternating with screen not working; non responsive keys; screen freezing; finally died completely a year after purchase. Called the 1300 support number, was told the mother board probably need replacing and to take it back to ...

Dispute went in sellers favou

I bought what was meant to be a Samsung tablet from a seller (chungli) on Ali Express. Once I had received it I found the product was a fake. I returned the product asking for a refund, I started the dispute requesting my money refunded. The seller then proceeded to say they never received the parcel back, even though I had ...

Mac Cosmetics
Bad Customer Service

Marion Mac your customer service was just appalling today! Your customer service female make up artist was so unfriendly and unhelpful including your store manager. I had purchased studio sculpt foundation NC25 which was off and had separated, a couple of weeks ago. When I had returned it, I was promised a new shipment will ...