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After the initial $1 fee in June last year, which i authorised, i have then been debited an amount of $34.90 firstly 8 days later and then continually on a monthly basis, whereas i have yet to use it at all, and wasn't aware that a deduction authority had in fact been established, and have since tried to cancel this ... spain esp

My Master card was debited on 3 occasions - that I know of - in 2014 around the dates of 25 - 28 of September, October, November first was $36.60 the others were for about $35.54. I have had no contact with this company and have not signed any document. I have been to my Bank and asked them to stop the payments, as they seem to ...

Save the spain esp

On the 25 September 2014 $36.90 AU was taken out of my Credit Card. This started a monthly Debit of $35.94 AU 28 October 2014 and $35.94 AU on 28 November 2014. I do not know what this was for. I had not been getting Statements from my Bank so goodness knows how long it had been going on. ... spain

I decided to take advantage of a $1 deal, and entered my details, and noticed $35.90. Taken from my account. I immediately sent e mail reply to cancel subscription and received reply to expect contact in 3 to 5 days. I have sent more emails to the same effect and have still not received reply. I now discovered that I have ...