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This is the worst company ever

How many complaints can I file... Let me count the ways this company sucks. Royally. They transfer all calls to INDIA who give you their pat scripts, do not speak nor understand ENGLISH and therefore I get no where with this company. I did not have a choice with Ocwen, as my loan was sold to them.. Never have I had a pleasant ...

Never Heard Back From Them.

Made my purchase 3/17/15. Made an inquiry 4/30/15. Still no updates. Emailed them. No response. It is now 6/6/15. This is the second time I've tried using them. The first time they initially did not pay. Had to do an inquiry to get payment. This time, they didn't pay. They didn't respond to my inquiry. They didn't respond ...

Terrible quality and service

I purchased a wedding dress that was promised to look just as the picture. It arrived on time, but many areas were not sewn and the beading was loose, as well as the seams being puckered and uneven. It looked awful! I returned the dress (at my expense) and was promised a full refund and a refund of the return shipping. I ...