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TNT Express
No feedback for 11 days

South Africa We received invoice 19 June 2014 from Thulie Radebe. Paid on same day and send her the proof of payment as requested on same day. Asked about progress through customs on the 24th, received no answer. Phoned them 24 June 2014 on the number in her email 27 0860 122441. Got through to a very helpful operator, ...

Cvent sharp practice

2 years ago we agreed to involve Cvent (a company offering internet support for events management such as conferences and seminars etc) to try and boost numbers in our annual seminar event which we present in South Africa. We signed up for a 2 year period to see if it would help at a cost of around $2000 per annum. After a year ...

Tracy Porte
Tracy Porter - Gosh people?

Hi there - I live in RSA - I found Tracy's books when visiting America (working holiday on ski-resorts) about 15 years ago. I loved everything I saw and started following her from time to time. Last night I thought I will give her (website) a visit and much to my surprise found all of this and the new blog!!! I never bought ...