State / region: Western Cape
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Doctor Oz

Dr Oz has somehow obtained my email address. The has been bombarding me with emails over the past 5 months. His unsubscribe function does not work, it only takes you to a a website advertising green coffee for weightloss. I have posted comments on his website, explaining my frustrations. They have been removed and ignored. I ...

Global Visas
Also pissed

We have also been lied to and treated bad by Global Visas. We wanted a refund but they had so much excuses. Tried to sort out, and never heard back. They despirately wanted to close our case and we didn't. We feel betrayed, stolen from! Hope the director and all their employees goes to jail forever! They deserve to get stolen ...

Global Personals
Money deducted no service

I joined Global Personals on 14th June 2013 id 21055004 was issued to me an amount of R495.00 was deducted from my bank account within 5 minutes. When I tried to axcess my profile I was unsuccssfull. I then contacted support who advised me that my profile was accidently deleted by their system. A new id 24651644 was the given ...

Time Freight
Time Freight

Early January 2013 Time Freight did a delivery to my client who is a reputable company who we frequently send goods to. On delivery my client informed me that they received a brick in a box and not the HP ProBook 4540s (Serial: 2CE24020w1) that was supposed to be. 3 or 4 months later after numerous calls to Gerhard Spalding ...