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Bend over for the Health Reimbursement Fund

I have a health reimbursement fund from my employer that is managed by Aetna. I take a prescription drug and the manufacturer of the drug has a plan that pays all except $5 of my monthly co-pay. The co-pay is $70. Aetna has no way for the drug store to use my drug manufacturers rebate so they automatically deduct $70 from my ...

All doctors on plan, facility is not

I checked on Aetna website to make sure a doctor was on the plan before going to see a gastroenterologist. Doctor listed had only one office and went for visit, everything went fine, visit was covered. Had to have a scope done at the same doctor/office and wound up with a bill for over $3000 because the facility was not on the ...

Fraudulent & Unscrupulous

I am sure many are experiencing the horrible state of coverage for individual short: you pay a whole lot of money but even the most routine claim is denied. This was certainly my experience with Aetna. But, even worse, they FRAUDULENTLY DEBITED MY BANK ACCOUNT after the expiration of my plan year! I had called them ...

Aetna worst Ins company EVER!

They deny everything! It takes a month to file an appeal! The company is completely inept. Need to take a name brand drug because I get sick when I take the generic. They want to charge me $30 more because I cant take the generic, even though my Doctor called them. Every time we call them, nobody knows anything. One ...