Reviews, complaints, fraud and scams reports

Infringement rights

Attention to all Readers I published the book "Hades and Persephone" on 2007. My understanding was that the contract agreement will be for 30 days and If I am happy with their services I will renew the agreement. Despite that I cancelled the agreement late December 2007 -2015 the book is still selling/renting internationally ...

Scammy and won't stop

The first time they tried to contact me, was last year in 2014. I declined, seeing as they have many bad reviews. But they won't stop trying to contact me! They just called me right now after I told them not to contact me again, and I am getting very angry. It's Amber Richards who first contacted me march of last year, but to ...

Authorhouse is a

I sent my manuscript for review and was told it was acceptable. So i gave authorhouse $530.00. After getting my money Authorhouse started to give me the run around for over 7 months. I got disgusted and canceled my contract. Authorhouse kept almost half of my money. I found that Authorhouse had translated my first book into 3 ...

The thieves

When I got £0,30 from the Author House as a royalty I have cancelled all sell of my book The cat Nissie by Robert Crofter as a pen name. They closed the sites and opened new sites continuing selling my book. It is the copy right crime. Theyu stole my property, my book. They are thieves. Do not trust on the Author House! Never ...