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I got a call from them

According to the fair credit act they can only call 1 time and ask about someone yet when they called I told them I didn't know the person they were calling for, and to remove my number, Well they called a few other times and again I told them I do not know this person they are asking for and want to know where they got my ...

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I paid a judgement off that was owed to these people. They released the judgement and 2 days later sent me an offer to settle.$. I called and explained it several times, then several times more. They just continued to call$. It was a losing battle to deal with them. They dug their heels in and threatened to sue for it. That ...

Calvary Portfolio
Inquiry on my credit report

I called to get my account settled; which was approved, this company ran my credit report without my authorization, and now it shows that I applied for a credit from them, which I never did. I want the inquiry removed. I called and the manager and customer service rep were argumentative and they rendered no help. I paid off ...