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Calvary Portfolio
These people are scammers

A company by the name of Calvary Portfolio called me at the company where I work. The company receptionist took the call, they were very vague in terms of who they were and what they wanted. I called them back trying to find out who they were and what they wanted and they proceeded to tell me some kind of a weird story ...

Calvary Portfolio
Phone scams

Yesterday I got a call from Calvary (a man named Lance Farr) saying I was an altenate phone contact for my son and that he had some documents to go over with him. I took his name and phone # and told him I would contact my son. 15 minutes later my son called me to say Calvary had also contacted his cousins mother (who has had ...

Calvary Portfolio
Double Check Paperwork

I received a debt for Cavalary SPC I, LLC. I sent a debt validation letter no reponse. One year later I am getting sued after never receiving validation. Long story short attorney sent me paperwork including an assignment and bill of sale for my debt. Well what do you know, they spelled the company name wrong on the ...

Calvary Portfolio
Persistant phone calls

This company out of the blue is calling my workplace. Don't know who they are or how they got my work information. I cannot be having these calls at work... Especially when I don't owe on a Capital One account. They say I owe $800 and if I can't pay. How can I get rid of them. I'm not paying but need to get them to stop ...

Calvary Portfolio
Cavalry Collection

I do not owe any money to this company but apparently my neighbor does!!! They have come to my home and have called here several times. I run an in home daycare and do not need strangers asking my kids if my neighbors still live in their home!!! This doesn't sound like proper collection procedures to me. I have contacted the ...