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Green Motion
Do not rent car from them!

The car rental price looks very cheap, but beware it could cost you much more in the end when they stick you for hundreds for a small scratch. They hold a big damage cover amount on your credit card when you pick-up the car. I wasnt concerned since I was paying by Visa and they'd cover any damage incurred. Nevetheless, I went ...

Prestige Flowers
Far from Prestige!

So I thought I would share my views since it's been a few days, and I have had absolutely NO luck with them!. My bday was on Sunday where my fiance had sent me some flowers through Prestige. Of course, it is just your usual bog standard courier, where the driver can be hopeless. Anyhow, the driver came by and left, with no ...

Will not fix car that's under warranty!

Auto Save is TRASH! They do not honor their word and are in the business of ripping people off. The customer service is horrible, I spoke with Bob, Andrew and Carrie, they all need to learn how to talk to PAYING CUSTOMERS. They don't appreciate your business and will get you all caught up in this bull contract that you signed. ...