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Convergent Outsourcing
They said I owed a money

Got a letter in the mail from them as a collection agent. They wanted 113.18 for AT&T Wireless. When I called they ask for my SS# I didn't give it to them. I told them I never had AT&T before, she she OK we will return it as a fraud. I said I would like to have the bill from AT&T, I was told ether she would turn it in as fraud ...

Convergent Outsourcing
Do not fall for it

I just received a mail stating that I owed HSBC about $8000 and they were willing to settle for $800. This is an apparent scam please do not do anything. Here are the reasons why this is a scam. 1 - No collector will go with 10% and give you 90% discount before you calling and negotiating. First they will go with the full ...