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Just cancel sevice

Just got told that is you cancel service in 2 days you still have pay the early termination fee of 400.00 that I outrages and wrong. They only give you 24 hour to cancel the service to not pay the early termination fee. What a rip off I want to file a complain but not sure where to file it at. Without address or phone number. ...

Direct Tv
Losing signal

Being a DIRECTV customer, I have grown quite annoyed that every time there is any type of inclement weather, I lose my satellite signal for an undisclosed amount of time (some times shortly / other times could be as long as weather is around). I understand if there is a time when a severe storm is present, but it will go out if ...

Direct Tv
Le mans not pleased in half of the race

Yes my ame is frederick hall My Chagrin is over the fact that you didn't want to put on le manns 24 hr race like u did for many yrs and then u put only half of the race and its totaly inaccepable it only comes on 1 24hr period once a yr and u guys screw it up but i can tell u something i knw 500 ssubscribers of ur service and ...