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Direct Tv
Over charged per contract

It would take more than a few words to explain how disappointed I am with Direct TV's so called Bait and Switch Contracts. Todate we have not received our Visa Card for $200.00 In February 2015 we switched from Time Warner Cable to Direct TV service and Verizon Wireless, per Direct TV's suggestion for the best bundle. That has ...

Direct Tv
Still wanting money

New ads state that the price goes up after 6 months. Will Direct TV seems to have a lot of people mad. Faked contracts seems they cover that by hiring an outside company to sign you up so when you say this is not what I signed they can say Oh no that person did not know what they were doing we never do that. They do not take ...

Direct Tv
No respect

I've been out of work for a year. Just getting by. I called direct tv to suspend service for now. I have been with them for 15 years. The person treated me like trash. A third class citizen. He told me about early cancellation fee, wouldn't suspend service, i had to cancel and return equipment. When i get out of this mess and ...

Direct Tv
Another borerline Scam

Working for a similar company, I agree that something needs to be done about these Smart Circle affiliates and DirecTV. I have also lost a considerable amount working under these companies. In fact, the contract I signed had no loopholes, meaning that these companies are likely committing many labor laws. To avoid detection, ...