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Faulty data in Etrade pro

DO NOT USE THIS BROKERAGE of the glowing reviews as one of the top websites for online trading you may see on the internet the problems with E trade are extensive. While many of them deal with customer service issues (read other reviews) mine complaint is with their trading platform. It is extremely flawed. I ...

E-trade Account Hacked

I opened an account last month, as soon as I opened it $100 Dollars was transferred into the account. One day later, E-trade Security called me concerned about this, And asked many questions and closed my account. One week later I got a letter, saying I need to file a police report, Contact the fraud department, conduct ...

Don't use Etrade

NEVER use Etrade. I opened an account and transferred funds into it from my bank. As soon as the transfer was complete they froze the account. I called and they said I entered a bad Social Security number and that I would have to send them a copy of my SS card, drivers license and a signed W9. I said no, just close the account ...

Ok they said set up a external account

I set up a external account. E-trade said in a video they would send a couple deposits then a withdraw for same amount. E-trade sent 4 deposits & one withdraw (none of witch matched verification), so now I need to wait another 3 days. I ask to talk to a supervisor and they were to scared to talk to me. Maybe cause hmmmm they ...