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Horrible customer service

Well I say its been about 4 months since I filed a complaint with the Paramus store, I got the run around from customer service, the store manager and headquarters and nothing. After 10 plus emails of complaints my last one from the was that they were looking into the matter and would get back to me ASAP, lol what a joke, ...

Appalling insulting customer service.

Bought a wall full of large cabinets that come with doors. We arrange for delivery. The cabinet outer shells arrive but without the doors. We call and try to get them to deliver the cabinet doors but they flat-out refuse to do so, so we are forced to drive to the store to pick them up. We called before hand and arranged with ...

Materials are substandard and junk

Ikea 'products' are junk. Nothing but sawdust glued together that is of no value. Everything they sell belongs in a dollar store. Their latest commercials also promote queers and pedophiles. A company without social conscience or proper moral standards They should be boycotted. They sell junk and promote perversion. Why help ...

Good for the price

We have gotten several furniture items from Ikea. It is good for the price point. You do have to make sure you put it together correctly and don't subject it to too much abuse. We were able to fix issues with a bed and a dresser drawer after too much weight was put on them. My son thought the dresser was for climbing and the ...