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Magic Jack
Rip off company told

Had trouble with the phone called them they told me i had a virus in my computer sent me over to Ambeience tecnology which is their company scared the wits out of me I am an older senoir citizen told me my bank account was going to be hacked well 149.00 dollars later they told me they fixed it that was a bald faced lied they ...

Magic Jack
Renewed service without my permission

Magic Jack attempted to renew my service without my permission. Fortunately that card had expired and they had to e-mail me to let me know what happened so I could renew my service. I did want to Renew my service for a year, but did not want to give them a credit card in case they tried to renew again without my permission. ...

Magic Jack
Not a subscribe

Some months ago I applied to Magic Jack and received the mail package to start your service. However, what I then learned was that I would have to change my phone number and area code so that whoever called me would have to be making a long distance call which of course was completely unsatisfactory in my eyes. I therefor ...