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Magic Jack
People having issues with Magic Jack

Okay let me try this again. Have you tried going to the Magic Jack site, then go to bottom of the page and find Support FAQ click on it, once there in search tab type (Magic Jack Upgrade) click. Find the one that states (Upgrade Magic Jack Firmware) and install. I had a problem like your and talking to their Tech. Support ...

Magic Jack
Software download

My computer crashed and the Magic Jack software was removed. I know that my subscription is good for at least 4 more years. I called Tech support for assistance and I was told that my MJ number has expired and I have to renew my number and will cost me to pay for it. Is this a new SCAM? The Indian guy that I spoke to said ...

Magic Jack
Worst customer service on the planet

I've had over 6 maigic jacks over the last couple of years and they always wind up not working a few months into use. The power plugs burn our all the time and the MJ does NOT work with a router, only connected to my PC. The Customer service, is what they call is a complete joke. The so called CHAT jerks drop out on you if you ...