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Impossible unsubscribe emmails

It's impossible to unsubscribe from their emails. I get several per day from them in spite of having "unsubscribed" many times. Rotten bastards - they made me give them my email address to ask a simple question (to which they didn't even reply) and now they send me offers for ridiculous rubbish that is of absolutely no ...


For an order I placed yesterday. Here is what they have replied to me: Dear customer, it is been more than 10 days since we sent you the payment checking email。You did not reply to us, so we have to regretfully cancel your order and refund the money, we are sorry for the inconvience you suffered. The money will be in your ...

Calculated scams

It is a calculated scam. They have got you hooked up from your first orders based on their prices and on the qualities of their items. Then, when you have tried to order more items on the website based on customer satisfaction from the first order that you had placed, this is when the scam begun... You never heard from them ...

Too Bad Customer Services!

This is with regard to the order as place by me (May 09,2015). I would like to bring to your attention that in the subsequent days the order has been cancelled by miniinthebox. Following their instructions on the email was not really helpful. I could not find anything about detail Page and click on’Return and Refund’ to ...