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Where is my order?

Ordered, paid and the wait has begun... No way to track from the company... I also noticed that my order when I checked it on line is different than what I thought I bought... I'm tired of the ten day response from the company (10 has stretched to much more than 30)  so now I guess it is time to dispute the charges, take 2 ...

Love and Hate

I have ordered from this company 3 x... The reason I keep coming back is because most of the jewelry is good quiality... My biggest issue is the delivery time... They say it will be here a certain time but it ends up being over a month... I believe they need a better way to communicate with their customers... The only way to ...

Complaint of product

I am a first time customer and I have complaint regarding the 3 watches that I ordered. Where are they? I placed this order on March 16th and they were supposed to be delivered by now. This is one of my first times of placing an order on line and my experiences are not very encouraging. I also ordered some clothing on line ...


I have ordered a couple phone cases last month and haven't received them yet. I have seen everybody's comments about how the items they received were broken, that they never received their ordered products, that they waited for the items for months, that Mini In The Box is just stealing money etc. And I'm already scared my ...