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Morgan Properties
Quiet Enjoyment Rights

I'm a cancer Patient with a heart condition that paid Place One Apartments in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. A penalty to in my opinion escape the continual nightly violation of my quiet enjoyment rights!!! Noisy neighbors from day one that in my opinion the staff was very lackluster in getting them to conform to the in-house quiet ...

Morgan Properties
Extremely unhappy tenant

I want to express to you my frustration with me and my family's experience here. We have lived here for 6 years and have to say we are deeply disappointed by the quality of standard of this place. We used to be so happy. We have experienced many complications that have to do with heating problems that still have yet to be ...

Morgan Properties
Fraudulent Property Management Company

I moved to Squires Manor during this past summer. Once it started to get pretty hot outside I noticed the ac wasn't working properly. My apartment was either freezing or a sauna inside. I called maintenance to have the issue fixed repeatedly; after many attempts it wasn't resolved. I then began to receive electric bills that ...

Morgan Properties
Fraudulent Electricity Charges

Morgan-properties forces you to pay up for the gym & pool that most of the time most people don't use and then have to pay extra if the person's name is not on the rental agreement. Utilities are included in the rent. However, the electricity company is somewhere in CA and is horrible - they never ever respond until you go ...

Morgan Properties
PSN Timberlake Apartments

I get so sick and tired of my light bill electricity bill going up and I know what I am using every month. Then to top it off my rent increased $ 200.00 in one year I was in the apartments, Then to top it off when you have summitted your meter numbers I dont know if the numbers are being summitted the honest way or not ...