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SCAM, period

High pressure, VERY high priced training and you can get the full equivalent FOR FREE at sponsored by TDAMERITRADE. Don't wast your money. Also think for a minute, if these Optionetics folks truly had a reliable method for making profitable trades would they be spending so much time hawking overpriced DVDs and ...

False advertising.

Unless you are extremely well versed in any sort of share trading, this company will suck the dollars out of you while making you believe that really it is not that hard. Their catch phrase is "make money while you are laying on the beach, it is that simple." Be very, very cautious. They will advise you to spend more money on ...

Options Training of doubtful utility

Options trading is fun and is amazingly complex - a bit like four dimensional chess. I took several training courses in US, costing $thousands, and eventually realised that the main objective of an Optionetics course is to make you buy the next course. I learned a little about a large number of option trades, but not enough ...